Changing ball direction according to GUI object.(UNITY)

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Oct 7, 2014, 11:25:43 PM via Website

Hi everybody. I searched google but could not find something enough siple for me. Could you

please help me.

The case is this: There is a ball on scene and a kick button also there is a gui object

which is for determining the ball direction.

There is 120 level on gui object. The level is changing by time but I want it to be fast,

because user should not catch it easly. Cany we change the levels according to milisecond

for example per 2 milisecond 1 level.

After this, how can get the value of guı object's value when I press the kick button and

give it to ball as a direction. Thanks a lot for your helps.

By the way, I am using javascript.