Samsung Galaxy Note 4 — Note 4 specs & longevity

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Sep 20, 2014, 10:02:38 AM via Website

I am planning to buy Note 4 but I wonder if the specs & longevity will still be supported after 2-3 years? As I usually use my phone up to 2+ years and get it on contract, so I really want to convince myself this is a correct investment for me as this will be my first Smartphone. Thank you for any help in advance.

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Sep 20, 2014, 6:41:45 PM via App

It doesn't matter what phone you get. they will all look like useless paper weights compared to the phones that will be out two years from now. But the note 4 (when it's released) will be the best phone on the market for 2014 and possibly for a good part of 2015. yes better phones will come out after you get it but all of those phones will be made obsolete by the phones that will be available by the time your next upgrade comes around.

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Jan 3, 2015, 7:30:11 AM via Website

Yeah. Get the Note4 and you'll have a phone u can call 'the Future'. Even after 3 years, i bet it will still be a good phone for any thief's that see it hehe

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Jan 22, 2015, 1:07:04 AM via Website

I got my Samsung Galaxy S3 when it was released, and I was perfectly happy to keep using it indefinitely. I had no intention to upgrade, but then I got the Note 4 a couple weeks ago when a good deal came up at Best Buy. Now, I wonder how I was able to tolerate the tiny size, crappy screen and slow responsiveness of the S3.

In other words, get the Note 4. Yeah, better phones will come out in 2015, but you'll be perfectly happy with it until you get a new phone in 2 years. It's like most other technology - you're satisfied with it until you experience something better. I'm thrilled with my Note 4.

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