How to get more money in Sims Freeplay

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Sep 17, 2014, 2:15:07 PM via Website

Hey Sims lovers!

Today we are sharing some nice tips on how you can get more money.

  • Complete all tasks and activities, like drinking espresso as much as you can, use the fridge to eat, watch TV, play on the - computer, pet the dog, talk on the phone, and hang out with others.
  • Be funny as much as you can, a sense of humor counts in this game.
  • Buy cupcakes for LP or buy a cocktail at the nightclub when you are getting jiggy with it
  • Make things, and then sell them, like cookies, pancakes, chocolate cake. First you will have to buy a stove though.
  • Dig up money with your dog. Get a more expensive one so that it will dig faster.
  • Get a job and go to work. Work regularly, get promoted.
  • Grow a garden full of veggies, like bell peppers!
  • Master skills and hobbies, like fashion design, figure skating.
  • Go for a drive.
  • Watch advertisement movies

Doing these things on a regular basis will bring in a higher cash flow! Enjoy your winnings :D

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