Sims FreePlay tips and cheats (get simoleons fast!)

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Sep 8, 2014, 12:38:36 PM via Website

Get Simoleons fast

  1. Log into the party boat part.
  2. Go out then back into the party boat so that you get your NBRs, you will see them at the top by your simoleons.
  3. Go to a house or an empty lot.
  4. Go to the store and select I think the third tab along, the one with the NBR picture on.
  5. Depending on the amount of neighbours you have, select the object you can buy. For example if you have three, you get the swing.
  6. Repetitively buy the object and place them down on the property.
  7. Pick them up and put them in your inventory.
  8. Log out of Facebook through the sims.
  9. Go to a property, place them down and sell them.

Make your Sims throw up

Shake your device for a few seconds and your sims will start to wobble. Shake it for longer and they will vomit. Gross.

Find the Grim Reaper

The Grim Reaper shows up to "stalk" senior Sims with timers that are at least one fourth full. If seniors are ready to die at a different location, the Reaper will come there to take the Sim. He likes to grill and may occupy a BBQ.

martin smith

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Jan 10, 2015, 3:33:17 PM via Website

Thanks for this great guide. I used it few times and it work really great,
But I want tell you about my other source where I get more simoleons and lifestyle points. Just check this link (This post has been edited to remove promotional link, Please refer to the forum guidelines to know what's acceptable over here)
They have also fanpage on facebook with 1500+ likes So everyone can found there neighbours or other needed things.


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Jun 23, 2017, 5:52:20 PM via Website

I'm not sure why but I don't have the option to buy things with neighbor points. I don't have it on any tablet or phone. Is there an add on I'm supposed to buy or is this option only for specific phone manufacturers? Suggestions?

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Jun 24, 2017, 3:22:58 AM via Website

Yeah. I have an LG Flex 2 and an LG G pad 4. Tried on both of them. I have 15 neighbors and can collect my daily bonus. I can open my store and shop but there's no NBR section. I've uninstalled and reinstalled and updated but there's nothing.