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Sep 15, 2014, 10:58:40 AM via App

Hello from Australia, I'm Yanwyn. I bought myself a Moto G 4G Lte just over a month ago. It's a beautiful device. I also bought a Motorola flip cover for my phone. It was on the phone for only four days. One morning I turned on the phone, it played it's boot animation then the screen went black. A message on the screen said, "unfortunately the process has stopped." Sensing something abnormal was happening I removed the flip cover, recently I've heard of people having problems due to the covers magnets. To be safe I also removed my SD card and Sim card. Called Motorola. None of their suggestions helped my phone. Had me wondering if this was one of Kitkat's problems I'd heard of. Only thing left was to perform a factory reset. Phone was back to normal. I didn't use the magnetic flip cover again. That was a fortnight ago, yesterday my phone had another of these odd malfunctions!?! Spoke with Motorola again, another factory reset. Phone now booked for a visit to a Motorola repair centre. Has anyone else experienced similar problems? Thanks for your time.