Space shooter + space defense? why not!

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Aug 30, 2014, 5:49:27 AM via Website


Storyline: As General Harris and the Empire travel across galaxies to help every living creature and to ensure order. The Empire encounters the aliens and the hybrids. Aliens are dumb-like species that spread rapidly around galaxies. Eating planets consuming galaxies is the only thing that they know. Hybrids, on the other hand, are aliens with human-like features who invented the EWA (Extreme Weapon Arm) which the Empire studied and copied its architecture and mechanism. We aren't really sure what Hybrids are really up to.

Gameplay: Side scrolling shooter game. You will play as Gen. Harris and start off as a gunship. Your gunship evolves if you capture powerups(yellow boxes), and turns into an EWA on its last evolution. Aside from abolishing bad guys you will also have to defend your mothership. Without the mothership the game is over. But dont worry you are not alone in the battlefield, you can deploy defensive units which makes the game also an RTS.

You can try and test it on amazon and google play, just search for Stellar Clash by Swabeh Mediasoft

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