How to win at Swing Copters

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Aug 22, 2014, 3:35:01 PM via Website

Ok, there's no real way to ''win'' at Swing Copters, but there are ways to avoid sucking so bad you're embarrassed to even let your friends see your high score.

There's a few things to consider, which we've covered in further depth in our Swing Copters tips and tricks article.

  • Learn to go straight up: The first thing to learn is to control the swing to allow you to pass through the gaps as close to the center as possible. Whether you do this through rapid tpping or a rhythmic controlled swing is up to you, but learning to fly the straight and narrow is essential to imporve.

  • Aim for the hammers: once you've managed to grab some degree of control over the copter you're going to want to start aiming ever so slightly for the outswinging hammers - the logic being that they will be swinging away from you by the time you reach them.

  • Pick your tapping style: one finger or two thumbs, it's up to you. Try both and settle on whatever feels most natural. Then learn to tap a tiny bit early so the correction of the swing is not so pronounced. The longer a swing is left uncorrected, the harder it is to control the backswing and the longer it takes to change direction.

  • The physics are pretty messed up in Swing Copters, as they were in Flappy Bird. And like Flappy Bird, the collision detection is not so great either, so you may think you've successfully passed through a gap only to crash and burn. The physics suck, try not to expect to master them and instead work on getting into the rhythm. Swing Copters is all about the flow.

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Sep 5, 2014, 4:17:37 AM via Website

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