? How to find original or compatible firmware with ro.build.fingerprint?

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Aug 21, 2014, 12:22:18 AM via Website

Stock rom for "EKKO Quad7" works pretty well on this "Dyno 7.22".

(Original post, before edit)
Hi! For a few days i am trying to find a Rom compatible with my (bricked) device, without luck. It seems that the vendor (Dyno), is no more, their telephone is disconnected, no email or even social media response...

The ro.build.fingerprint is Allwinner-Tablet/fiber_a31st/fiber-a31st:4.2.2 /JDQ39/20131118:eng/test-keys sun6i (was able to retrieve adb shell getprop from the terminal, but note that now the device is completely bricked, adb show no devices, not even a boot, can't find a physical way to put it into recovery (also has no volume buttons and has no internal sd card).

I hope that LiveSuit can help but first i will need a compatible Rom right?

So which firmware should i been looking for, i don't care if stock or custom , so long as the device works.
Any advice to solve it is welcome!

p.s.1 It all started with a bootloop, and i installed twrp and cwm, but unable to use because of no touch on screen or no physical volume buttons... So no backup...
p.s.2 I already flashed some Roms for a Allwinner 31 chipset device (onda), but without success...

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