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Aug 12, 2014, 9:27:20 PM via Website

I have developed an application called Bugnet (the net for bugs). This is a simple app, that helps manual testers to create visual bug reports. In fact, it helps you to create *.html page with images and text, that you can add in the editor. Also there is an additional option to take screenshots with transparent overlay button for root users.

I hope that it is possible to create an app that will generate bug report automatically and I want to introduce my Alpha version of Bugnet application here. If you are a test engineer, it will be very helpful to receive some feedback from you. There is a copy of my in-app help page.

To create you first bug report:
- Take some screenshots with your device. For example, if your device manufacturer is Samsung, you should prees 'Power' and 'home' button in the same time, to take screenshots.
- open app and pres 'Edit bug report' button. You should see an empty page.
- press menu button.
- press add screenshots button. You will see a pop up, where you can select your gallery app.
- choose your screenshot with gallery. You can choose other images, but please keep in mind that this an alpha version.
- add all screenshots, that needed.
- press on the image to draw on them. You can save your drawings by pressing back button.
- press on the 'Step' text to change the description. You can choose one of presetted phrases or type it manually with 'add description button'
- press menu button. You can add bug report description and additional information with listed menu options.
- press menu button. Press 'generate report' button to create bug report.
- when bug report was created, you can use 'view report' button on the main page. You will be able to view html web page with html viwer or with your web browser.
- press 'get system info', if you want to add system information to your report. You will be redirected to the play market, where you can download an app, that will allow you to accaess to system information.
- press share button to send your report via email.
- press menu button on the main screen.
- press 'empty workflow' button to clear your workflow. It will delete files only in app dirrectory, all your images will stay where they are.
- (*For rooted phones) if your device have root access, you will be able to use additional feature. Press menu button. Press touch detection. You will see a small overlay screen in the left top side of your screen with htree buttons. 'SC' button will take a screenshot of your screen. 'SW' button will change overley position and 'HD' button will hide overlay screen. It will appear again if you will press again on the hidden overlay.

Happy testing!

Market Play id=com.mycompany.overtest

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