Samsung Galaxy S4 — Strangest thing I've seen yet...GF's S4 rebooted to factory settings today

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Aug 7, 2014, 12:49:28 AM via Website

Long story short, she's ready to fling it out the window and go back to the dreaded crApple... :( She states that the phone was sitting untouched on her desk when it rebooted, and came back up as a brand new phone...all apps, contacts, appointments, everything's gone.

The odd thing is that she didn't mention having to sign back into her Google account as you normally do with a new phone (was hoping we could sync her stuff back in that way of course). Unfortunately she's out of town at the present, so I have no way of getting to the phone to take a look at it myself. I told her to see if she has access to the Play Store and if she has Google listed in her settings/accounts section, but other than resetting it again to see if she gets the Google login I'm at a complete loss. I have yet to find even one instance online where anyone had a similar issue. The phone is not rooted, reromed, or anything of that nature (she wouldn't let, and it's not a hijack where she's getting a message to pay to get her info back...I'm completely in the dark (short of some kind of major hardware issue), so I was wondering if any of you good people had any thoughts on it? Thanks! :)