Samsung Galaxy Note 3 — How does 4.4.2 affect the file system on the Note 3?

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Aug 6, 2014, 7:23:21 PM via Website

My Note 3 has just prompted me to download the 4.4.2? update but I would like to specifically know how the file system is changed BEFORE I decide to do the update. I have read many random comments about the inaccessibility of the SD card, some of it contradictory and I would like to know exactly what has changed. Is there anyone who can answer these specific questions for me or point me to somewhere where I can find the facts?

For example:
Will the camera still save images to my 64GB SD card?

Will I be able to move the images into the existing albums on the card?

Will all the 4000 images still be accessible to the QuickPix image library that is installed on the card?

Will my hundreds of half hour long audio files still be accessible by ProPlayer installed on the card?

Will I still be able to download these types of audio files and move them to their respectively folders on the SD card?

Will the hundreds of PDF and WORD documents still be accessible in their folders and can I rename them as needed?

Will other applications that store data on the SD card, still be able to acccess the data?

I do hope someone can throw some light on this for me.