htc z510d aka t9199s aka oboe, stuck at "touch the android"

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Jul 31, 2014, 2:41:20 PM via Website

hi all, I'm Mamy1
thanks for accepting me in androitpit
guys, I have a problem with my htc z510d aka t9199s for at&t
I had some force closes with som apps so I did a factory reset on my htc z510 d /At&t phone (volume down+power on), then it completed the process, but when rebooted, it prompted slide to unlock, it's okay so far but, after slide it is stuck on the "touch the android to begin" welcome to htc z510d 4g t9199s for at&t screen
i touched the green guy many times but it stubbornly keeps stuck there.
the top bar is there, displaying the 2 sims network, clock, battery
there are only 2 buttons on the screen : emergency call and change language
at the bottom of the phone, these are responding :
first one : pops up a wireless settings button which leads to data roaming & gsm/umts options
home : "no recent application" is displayed on the screen
the curved arrow and the magnifying glass symbols lead nowhere

btw : i googled a lot and found the 4-corners tapping trick to bypass "touch the android to begin" but it doesn't work on my phone.

how can I solve the issue? it has no custom recovery, just the stock 3e, and usb debug is disable. Is there any place on the web where I can download some stock i can flash from stock recovery?

any other help would be very much appreciated, thanks a lot, guys