[APP][FREE] Mean Hyena - Looking for mean people

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Jul 11, 2014, 4:13:55 PM via Website

You are free to use and test the app. Any mean feedbacks are appreciated. So please enjoy by searching Mean Hyena in the Google Play store



Be mean
This is the app to be mean with no censorship. Send mean messages so people can see how mankind is coming to an end and rate you accordingly.
As a Mean Hyena, the more you are mean, the more you understand the subtleties of life.

Be free
Little birds can be shot down; books members can have their face reworked. Be free to be mean without any reprisal.
As a Mean Hyena, you can share your darkest thoughts in full obscurity.

Out of this world features
• Painless enrolment: Don’t need no name, email or an internet probe in the.... To become a Mean Hyena, just provide a password.
• Prolike messaging: type in your mean message and tap send.
• Meaningful mean message lists: All your messages are organized by a self-aware machine.
• Patent pending rating system: forget stars, scales, thumb up or yeehas. Mean Hyenas rating system is evolutionary, revolutionary.
• Virgin interface: oh come on… everybody likes virgins.

Out of this universe upcoming features
• News feed: so you don’t need to search for something to be mean about.
• Optional painful enrolment: for those who like to suffer.
• And much more: ….!

Underpaid developer features
• Topics when sending a message are not displayed; they are only recorded for now.
• Sometime list contents can be altered after a disconnect/connect. Just exit and relaunch the app.
• Rating page can behave erratically after voting. However the vote will be recorded.
• Miscellaneous “because he was too drunk to code but still came in to work” bugs.

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