android Gridview reloading array

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Jul 2, 2014, 8:06:29 AM via Website

I am working on GridView for the first time and came across the following issue. I am referring this tutorial ( I am new,I am not allowed to post links) well the icons and text are displayed exactly in the sequence as it is in array. as shown in the following screenshot 1st screenshot:image from the tutorial link


but when i increase the columns width and height so that not all the data is seen at once(i.e i need to scroll down to see the data at the end.i guess the following screenshots might help.

2nd screenshot:

3rd screenshot this are the remaining contents that can be viewed after scrolling down:

If you compare the actual array of text i.e "String[] web" from the link or the 1st screenshot. Till stumbleUpon it is displaying the correct sequence of array but after that 'github' ,'google' and 'facebook' is being displayed instead of "SoundCloud","Reddit", "Blogger".

Now my question is: why is this happening? does the adapter only loads the contents that are visible and it reloads the contents once other part is made visible? may i know what is the solution for this? or what is the right approach to use gridview?
If you couldnt understand my doubts.Please feel free to ask.Thank you in advance.