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Jun 18, 2014, 8:15:00 PM via Website

Hello I would like to show this:
Number Blacklist (Call and SMS Blacklist)

It is an application that allows you to block unwanted Calls and SMS mesages from given numbers. App automatically reject blacklisted incoming connection or content and wont leave any trace of it on device, there wont be any ring or entry in log(you can still check what was blocked in internal application log).
It also allows a partial blocking. For example, you can block only incoming calls, incoming SMS or MMS messages.
App is also capable of blocking restricted numbers of course.

- blocking incoming calls from given number
- blocking incoming SMS and/or MMS from given number
- blocking incoming messages containing blocked number (for example messages about missed call)
- blocking incoming calls and/or messages from restricted numbers
- blocking numbers chosen from the address book
- blocking numbers chosen from the call log
- exporting the list of blocked numbers to a file
- importing the list of blocked numbers from a file (previously exported)
- grouping numbers - the creation of new, deleting and category management, moving numbers between categories, activation/deactivation whole category

For your convenience, the application leaves no trace of the blocked calls / messages except for the internal log, which is available in the application.
As a result, you will not receive any notification or a registry entry, while you will be still able to check you log of blocked traffic inside application.

Tell me what do you thnik :)

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