Motorola Moto G — How to fix the Moto G Notification LED

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Jun 17, 2014, 7:02:59 PM via Website

The Moto G is one of the few "budget price" phones that has a built in Notification LED, something which you shouldnt take for granted at that price. After its initial release in late 2013, some users noticed that LED didnt work. While it is highly unlikey that you will encounter this quirky error it has a relatively simple fix.

Why does the Moto G LED not work?

Motorola released the following statement:

"On some devices (such as Motorola Droid RAZR HD), a small number of users found that the notification light was disabled after logging into their google account if it was disabled previously on other devices with the same google account. "

In short - if you deactivated the Notification LED on your previous android device and then carried over your Google Account onto your Moto G - it automatically carried over your settings and preferences as well (not just your apps). Unfortunately there are no settings on the Moto G to enable/disable LED Notifications.

Interestingly enough this problem doesn't seem to be confined to the Moto G - but the Droid Razr HD as well.

How to Fix the Moto G LED

Motorola released a widget in the Google Play Store where you can toggle the LED Notification Light On/Off.

Fortunately the App requires 0 Permissions (I wish there were more of those) and once you've installed it and activated it your LED should be working again. After that you can remove the Widget. Easy as that.


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Jun 24, 2014, 7:20:04 AM via Website

in my phone xt 1033 the notification tab comes down and hangs itself wat shall i do

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Jun 24, 2014, 9:44:51 AM via Website

Balaji Dbr

in my phone xt 1033 the notification tab comes down and hangs itself wat shall i do

Hi Balaji,

What do you mean "hangs itself"?

Why don't you start a new thread and give us a few more details :)