Developing Gis field data collection App

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May 29, 2014, 11:13:34 AM via Website

Hi, i am a naive android developer and i have got some hold on programming in c# and java, however i want to develop an android app for field data collectoion which has following features:

a)This app will be used to collect GIS data (points, lines and polygons)
b) data such as :--
1)a gps coordinates for a point of interest (using phones gps system) ,
2)elevation above sea level( if possible using phones gps system),

3) data such a line which can be calculated as follows: taking initial point of reference then navigating along the track for which we want the "line type" of data and thentaking the middle point & finally stopping at a final point thus giving us a line feature (just as we pin two points on a google map using navigation.
4)data such as a polygon which is taken as follows : manualy going to four points of interest and recording four points which form the vertices of a polygon
5)various text data which will be manually entered by the person operating the app using the text boxes provided in the user interface. this data is called the attribute data which will be associated with each point line or polygon

C) This data has to be stored in the csv format on the phone's sd card which can be easily copied to a computer and imported in the GIS software..the csv files wil be generated for each day a peson goes to collect data in the field however the csv files for the line data , polygon data and the point data have to be separate ( name of csv file generated should be like date-point, date-line, date-polygon)

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Jun 8, 2014, 12:52:10 PM via Website

I have some experience in this field. What do you need?

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Jun 8, 2014, 5:05:39 PM via Website

I have developed the interface currently I am dealing with points only..
On the click of the save button I want the attribute and coordinates to save in a csv or excel file on sd card of device..
For the same day the person goes into field for data collection the same file should get appended.. the file name should be date of that day..
If the app is closed n after a while the same person adds data on the same day the same file should get appended..
For next day a new file should be created and so on..
The tentative interface..
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