Samsung Galaxy Note 3 — suggestion for replacing the screen

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May 15, 2014, 8:36:46 AM via Website

Hello folks,

I dropped a Samsung Note 3 N9000 and the screen has a huge crack. It is still functional though, battery life seems has been reduced. I bought a glass screen and digitizer and a replacement from mpj instead of being charged a higher price by professional.

So I was wondering, what do I need to pay attention to while replacing the screen? Thanks.

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May 15, 2014, 11:06:00 AM via Website

Hi horun,

Sorry about your cracked screen :( Just wanted to share this article on How to replace screen glass on the Galaxy S4. I know you said you have a Galaxy Note 3, but maybe you can get some tips from here. Hope ti works out!

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May 16, 2014, 11:52:05 AM via Website

Hello horun,

I suggest that to replace screen with digitizer and frame replacement instead of the screen with digitizer.
It is very hard for a freshman to separate the screen with digitizer form the frame. These three part are glued together tightly.
If you just want to replace the screen with digitizer, you will need a heat gun.
If you decide to replace the screen with digitizer and frame. Then you need a Phillips screwdriver and a spudger tool.
1. Power off
2. Remove the battery cover and battery
3. Unscrew 12 Phillips screws
4. Pull out the S pen and use a spudger tool to remove the back frame which is fixed by some hidden keys.
5. Release antenna flex
6. Disconnect 6 connectors on the motherboard and then you can take away the motherboard.
7. Release the sensors and front camera
8. Unscrew a screw securing the headphone jack and earpiece
9. Take out vibrator. Be careful; do not damage the flex cable.
10. Pry up the charging port flex which is adhered to front housing.
11. Replace the screen with digitizer and frame.
BTW, the LCD supporting frame is different due to different versions. So you should get the screen with digitizer and frame replacement of Samsung Note 3 N9000.

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Jul 3, 2015, 5:20:55 AM via Website

I have bought a new replacement from and followed the steps below to fix it:

Step 1. You will have to disassemble your Note 3 first.
Step 2. Once your Note 3 has been disassembled, take a screw drive and push on one of the holes on the top-right of your Galaxy Note 3 as shown below. This will make your screen digitizer pop out of the front.
Step 3. Once you have a small gap that’s formed, take a thin, plastic knife and slide it towards the bottom. Do this until the whole screen digitizer comes off.
Step 4. Pull the film on your brand, new Note 3 screen digitizer assembly.
Make sure you cut the end of the tape that’s attached to the LCD flex cable. This will allow your LCD connector to move freely so you can easily connect it. I found out the hard way (as shown in video) that leaving this tape on will cause headaches when you try to connect the LCD connector later.
Step 5. Make sure you have the home button on the new screen digitizer assembly. Then put it on top of your frame while making sure the LCD connector goes through the hole.
Step 6. Once the screen is back on, the rest is easy as you just have to reassemble the Note 3 backwards. If you have trouble, watch the latter part of my disassembly/assembly video while you do it.
Step 7. Before you put the screws back on, try putting the battery back on and make sure your screen, touchscreen, wifi, bluetooth, and other sensors are working.

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