EnigmOn Complete Solutions

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Mar 20, 2014, 12:52:07 PM via Website

Hi everyone!

Here are the solutions to the popular game EnigmOn!

level 1
Hold your phone and turn it like a key in a lock .

level 2
The password is Einstein

level 3
Pull the notification bar down and tap the EnigmOn notification

level 4
The password is : minimum

level 5
Turn your smartphone so that the bat is upside down and press the purple arrow

level 6
The character is Samuel Morse and his boat, where he invented the famous language , was called Sully.
The password is: sully

level 7
Draw the logo " AIDS " as follows:

level 8
You must tap on the planets of the solar system in order. Here is a diagram to follow:

level 9
Press the top left of the screen and pull the black square that hides the image of an airplane. The password is ... aircraft.

level 10
Put your smartphone in airplane mode
(Settings -> More - > Airplane Mode )

level 11
Click the screen to reveal red boxes . If you click it again , they change color . Reproduce the flag of the Central African Republic as follows:

And then enter the name of the capital: Bangui

level 12
Press the Menu button on your phone , and click Unlock the level

level 13
Superimpose all the images to see that at the end it is the drawing of a cat . The password is : cat
EnigmOn est parfois... énigmatique :)

level 14
Connect the numbers to get a nice drawing:
The password is: fish

level 15
This is the same sequence of notes in the film Encounters of the Third Kind
A picture is worth a thousand words:

level 16
The message tells you to shake your smartphone. You will hear the Morse solution. And the solution is : cool .

level 17
Put on your helmet. Turn the dial to the left (number 30) to start. Slowly ! You will hear a "click" that is different than the other ones. Then stop right away. If you go over, you must start over. Do it once to the left and press the latch, once to the right and press the latch, and once to the left and open the chest, always with the latch .

level 18
The answer : "secret" ...

level 19
The hint is the following "Google knows the answer ", and therefore, the answer is "Google ".

level 20
Each animal is a Google Doodle . The hint gives dates. The animals need to correspond to the Google Doodles and tap in the order of the dates.Google Doodles webiste : http://www.google.com/doodles/finder/2013/All % 20doodles

Otherwise the simple answer : Book , elephant , ghost, apple, UFO , beaver, dice panel.

level 21
Make the elevetor go up to level 22, and press the button to open the door ( the two arrows at the top ) .

level 22
The word Extreme.

level 23
Click on the tabs without erasingthem , take a step back and divide your screen from left to right until you will find the letters: Full.

level 24
With figures of GPS coordinates go to google maps , enter the digit lines then zoom in closer and there you will see the letters appear.

level 25
With figures of gps coordinates, go to google maps and enter the lines of numbers then zoom in closer. There you will see the letters appear.

level 26
Warm the ice cube and the word appears: ICEBERG .

level 27
The word is : CENTURY .

level 28
We must find four numbers, two letters and 3 numbers. The solution is : 2001QR322 .

level 29
Hold down many of your fingers to the top

level 30
It's easy to find the intruder: it's a pet!

level 31
Imagine that you have an alarm clock in your hands. Turn your smartphone and then come back to the game screen and magically batteries will appear. Just take them out!

level 32
Find the axis of symmetry, the word is FROG .

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