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Feb 2, 2014, 3:34:50 PM via Website

Hi there,

I've recently posted a thread in the "Let me show you my app..." forum about a new app of mine. This app has both a free and a paid version on Google Play.

Today I got a not-so-nice email that I should not advertise paid apps (which of course is something I understand) and my thread got deleted. But in the forum guidelines it is mentioned explicitely that

"If there is a free/lite and paid version of an app available in the Android Market, then the app is allowed to be advertised in the forums."

which in my understanding is applicable to my situation. As I'd really like to continue to use the "Let me show you my app..." forum I'd like to know how I should handle apps with both free and paid versions. Should I not post them at all? Or do I somehow need to more explicitely mention that there is a free and a paid version?

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Feb 3, 2014, 12:43:08 PM via Website

I see the confusion: the wording of the Let Me Show You My App forum guidelines makes it sound like you can post both the free and paid apps in Let Me Show You My App, whereas what it is supposed to mean is that if you have a free and paid version, you can promote the free version only.

I've corrected the wording to clear up any further confusion. Thanks for bringing it to our attention, and please do share the free version of your app in the forum again.

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Feb 3, 2014, 7:26:46 PM via Website

Thanks a lot for your response. I indeed intended to mention the free version only in my post, which honestly might not have worked out that well. Actually I think it is quite difficult to unambiguously share only the free version without hinting to the paid one, since both paid and free versions have mostly the same name (i.e. with/without the "free" or "lite" suffix) for obvious reasons. This is being accompanied by the fact that I cannot yet post links to exactly clarify which version I'm intending to share.

So for the future I'll try always appending the "free" suffix when mentioning the app name, although this does not yet completely appease my fear of being warned again. If you have ideas how to further eliminate the ambiguity between paid and free versions I'd be happy to hear them!

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