Google Nexus 5 — WIFI Battery drain on standby

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Jan 23, 2014, 10:26:47 AM via Website

I've had my Nexus 5 for just over a week now trying to figure out why my battery is draning while the phone is not being used. I would charge the phone at night before I fall asleep and once I wake up (8 hrs later) the phone in completely dead!

Please see the screen shot:
You can see the wifi is at 8%. I was told this is too high?

The middle (drop) where Mobile network is not green was when I was sleeping/phone was not being used. It got stable once I turned off the wifi (mobile status turned green again). There was more than a 20% drop in battery from end of charge 11pm to 8am & not being used.

Does anyon know why the wifi % is so high, and how to fix this issue?

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Jan 23, 2014, 2:58:20 PM via Website

There are a few things that can cause this. Firstly, the battery life on the Nexus 5 seems quite random at the best of times. I've had days where it drops less than 1% an hour even with light use, while other days it can drop up to 5% an hour with no usage. The 4.4.2 upgrade improved this but it still seems to have these irregularities, according to some users. The next cause could be a weak WiFi signal, though if this is at home I wouldn't imagine that's the problem. You can check if the WiFi signal is particularly weak where you leave the phone, if so then go to settings, WiFi, menu, advanced and uncheck 'avoid poor connections' as this starts a recursive search for stronger WiFi signals, using more battery. Finally, while you're in the advanced wifi menu see if the 'scanning always available' option is checked, if so uncheck it as this definitely does use more battery, moreso if you use social apps. Personally I use a custom kernel and Greenify, though I would, being rooted...


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May 5, 2014, 1:07:36 PM via Website

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May 5, 2014, 2:05:34 PM via Website

Well, I would say the it looks like the Android system is taking out all the juice of the battery. While going to the sleep do you keep the data and the Wi-Fi connection off ?? By looking at the screenshot it looks as your Wi-Fi connection is on the active mode. I am getting a feel that the problem is either with the battery or at the application end. :?

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