[GUIDE] Using android WITHOUT google account is possible

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Jan 19, 2014, 1:16:45 PM via Website

How to use android WITHOUT google account

Because of latest NSA-scandal and more and more invasive google apps (for example we are pushed to use google+ even if we do not want it!), many Android user wants to be indipendent from Google platform.
How to reach it in less then one hour!

Why doing it?
To improve competition between providers against cartel of biggest USA companies, in order to keep the freemarket and privacy of our own personal infos.

(tested with Samsung galaxy SII with Jelly Bean)

1. First of all make a backup of your data : Addresbook and Calendar
2. Backup Addressbook from your Android device:
From Android/Addressbook/Proprierties/Import-Export/Export to SD card/Filename.vcf
3. Backup Calendar from Google account web page:
choose calendar/Settings/Calendars/Export Calendars/ export to filename.ics
(see this link for clarification support.google.com/calendar/answer/37111?hl=en)
4. Install ICS importer or iCal import-export to your android device (you need it to import calendar later)
5. Remove your google account (take care all the information on your device stored in the google account will be deleted, but will remain on the web platform if you have synchronised them)
Settings > Accounts or Settings > Accounts > Google, then Menu > Remove account
6. Add Samsung account (not necessary, but you can backup contacts and calendar. Pls note for older phones like galaxy sII... samsung account require update to samsung link)
Go to Settings  > Accounts > Add account
7. Import your addressbook from your Android device:
From Android/Addressbook/Proprierties/Import-Export/Import from SD card/Filename.vcf
8. Import your calendar with the installed app
9. Sync your device with the new samsung account. Now your handy is up to date and works even faster without a google account
10. Log out from all google apps (you can always use youtube, browser chrome and google maps but avoiding thas google collect all infos about you)
go to each app and choose > logout (in case of removing google account is not sufficient)
11. Install Amazon app store, Samsung appstore from your device visit following website and follow instructions (you shall install alternative appstore because playstore won't works anymore).
Both appstore are pretty new. They do not contain all the apps but they are growing very fastly especially amazon. Once you need an apps that is stored only in Google play, you can activate your account again for the time you need to install it
12. configure mail account to read your old google mails in your device
go to built in email reader > settings > add account > write gmail login and password
(in case you have double security password you need apps specific password support.google.com/mail/answer/1173270?hl=en)
With the built in mail application on android device you can read yet your googlemail but using a new one.
13. Create a new mail account in your device
go to built in email reader > settings > add account > write login and password of your favorite email provider. The best one I have found is gmx.de
14. Change Default search engine to yahoo.com
go to browser > settings > set search engine

now you can use yet your favourite apps like youtube, googlemaps... but your personal information related to your userid are not collected. Or at least we hope so...

Personally I have seen a general performance improvement like when I uninstalled facebook app


15. Remove Googlesearch widget from your desktop
16. Browse internet with Firefox and Opera
17. Mail, Cloud, Office alternatives integrated platform
GMX.DE the best one. offers email, cloud storage, java web-based officesuite. Email and cloud can be used via android app
SAMSUNG APP offers apps, addressbook and calendar sync, cloud storage
UBUNTU ONE offers cloud storage and music streaming
DROPBOX cloudstorage
18. Maps

Post it, like it!

Lalitzuk lio

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Jan 24, 2014, 7:01:36 PM via Website

GREAT!!! :) thanks

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Mar 20, 2014, 4:25:18 AM via Website

Seems like a lot do)
Thank you for sharing - will definitely try it when I have some free time...

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