LG Optimus L5-ii A.k.a. LGE-450

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Sep 23, 2013, 6:12:05 PM via Website

Hello guys! I've played with this nice device in a store and or looks and feels quite good so far. I'd just like to know if anyone of you have player NEED FOR SPEED MW, NOVA 3, and MODERN COMBAT 3 and 4 in this device and how good it can handle those games. Please.

I know with the RAM it has it's very possible to run these games, but I'm not so sure about it's processor and GPU. I know graphics won't be too nice but in my Xperia Pro I used to play these game very well (once rooted and a little tweaked) and games had quite good graphics.

How about multitasking? Can you minimize a game, so to say, to check and reply an email our SMS? Those are the basic multitasking capabilities I'd like this device to support with the hardware it has. I could do that with my Xperia Pro (in occasions games closed). That would be nice.

How about responsiveness? While I played with it I saw it has nice support for multiple basic apps usage such as calendar, calculator, a tab in the browser, Play Store, etc. Good looking so far.

The screen of this device is very, very nice. It's IPS and it looks way more expensive than it is.

Overall I like this cheap device. I've used the L3 and was very quick too, now the version 2 is better, but this L5 II is even better. Bigger, nicer and more capable.

Btw, I tested it with Antutu while in the store and it gave it almost 6200 points with a good mark for 3D. Good, huh? My Razr i scores 12500, but doesn't matter much.

I'd like your appreciations regarding gaming, please. Oh, maybe it can handle Asphalt 8 with Low graphics. Please reply!
Thank you guys