[FREE][GAME] Snake 2013: FREE (Action & Arcade)

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Jul 18, 2013, 6:26:25 AM via Website

In this Year of the Snake, we have recreated the magic of the Classic Game of Snake!
"Snake 2013" is here to help you relive all the fun times you've had, but with a twist!
With FIVE different Game Modes, a multitude of Snakes, amazing Power-Ups, exciting Milestones & a wily arch nemesis Dr. Manaconda, we offer you unlimited hours of fun!
******A lot of Galaxy owners have reported that Snake 2013 does not work properly. We thank you for your patience and assure you that we are working on fixing this quickly. In the meanwhile, we wish to inform you that some of the smaller Galaxy devices may be unable to run Snake 2013 properly.******
******Developer Note: "Snake 2013: FREE!" was developed for devices with screens of size 4 inches & above, and may not run efficiently on some older devices. If your device cannot run "Snake 2013: FREE!" correctly, please do send us feedback, and we'll be glad to try to make it compatible for your device as well!******

▪ Classic Mode - Escape Dr. Manaconda's dastardly vicious mazes! Every turn will challenge your snake handling skills! Navigate through 25 treacherous levels while feeding your snake!
▪ Challenge Mode - Put your skill & co-ordination to the test! Complete Dr. Manaconda's convoluted challenges by eating combinations of treats, while avoiding randomly spawning obstacles!
▪ Time Attack Mode - Accept Dr. Manaconda's 'All You Can Eat in 60 seconds!' time trial. This fast paced mode will keep you 'hungry' for more!
▪ Survival Mode - Survive Dr. Manaconda's "Life-DrainO'Matic 3000 Device" by eating treats! The longer you survive, the faster Dr. Manaconda drains your snake's health! This mode really redefines the term 'Eat to Live!', So keep eating!
▪ Nirvana Mode - Dr. Manaconda is tired and on a break! Kick back, relax & unwind with Nirvana Mode. With none of the bad stuff, Nirvana Mode is amazing if you just want to eat some treats after a long day!
▪ In Game Store with multiple power ups that make your snake the Ultimate Predator!
Four unlockable snakes each with their own environment!
Additional Level packs for Classic Mode!
▪ 70 unique Milestones to earn while playing! How many can you get?
▪ Social Media sharing, so you can compete & enjoy "Snake 2013" with your friends & family!
▪ Simple & fun graphics that preserve the magic of this Classic game!
So what are you waiting for?! Grab your copy of "Snake 2013" today.

Developer's Note: "Snake 2013" is Axioms Studios' maiden project. We believe in constantly improving our games so that they remain fun for you. We appreciate you taking a moment to rate us and giving us feedback on what features you would like to see for "Snake 2013".

You can download the game for free at The Google Play Store.

If you like it, please consider writing a review! Have fun!

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Jul 18, 2013, 6:26:44 AM via Website

Try our premium too!!

If you like it, please consider writing a review! Have fun!