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PixelWar (Infection Beginning)

In the decant past, an intellectual race called the NeMeIo gives us the horrible desie known as the Z-Virus and spreads it trough the whole world. The Z, which spread trough living beeings. around the entire Milky Way.....The human race was affected so the scientists went into their secret bases, where they experiment with the humans to make ''Supersoldier`s'', which will protect and bring peace to earth...
It has been a bit more than a month and the SuperSoldiers were ready. The Scientists made 4 diffrent classes of SuperSoldiers, but they`re DNA was accidentally programmed to kill they had to rebulid and make another group of SuperSoliders, to destroy the Evil ones, and of course - eliminate the Z-Virus from Earth.

The 4 ''SuperSoldier'' classes were :
Lepricon`s and

The SuperSoldiers need to destroy the evil power, but for now the dreams of peace needs to be forgotten...but for now

Letter To Future
Year 2093
General and the Man, who belived in peace once more....



Pixel War is a Single and Multiplayer FPS game. Before Every battle, you can choose you`re class. There`s 4 classes : Pheonix ( Jumps VERY high ), Scientist (He is invisible ), Lepricon (Super Fast), Arsenal (He has ALL the weapons). In SinglePlayer you can just enter in one of the five maps. Enter whichever you like. Then just start killing zombies! (REMEMBER: You can get ammo from the zombies). In MultiPlayer you can select one of the four classes and begin the battle with your friends!

1.Added multiplayer ammo & health spawns
2.Added multiplayer shop.
3.Changed graphics.
4.Changed main menu.
5.Made power / skill point system.
6.Fixed many bugs.
And much more....

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