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CJ Brown
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Mar 14, 2013, 10:51:20 PM via Website

Metro PCS is offering the LG Spirit 4G for sale (coming to $199.99 after a $70 rebate) for those who want to go No Contract but don't want to spend $400 on a Samsung Galaxy S3 (time to slash that price in 1/2 since the S4 is revealed today) ....

I'm currently testing an LG Spirit 4G (MS870), I would gladly add it to my Profile but Android Pit doesn't have this model listed so that I can display this (wtf? fix that please!) & here's the official Metro PCS page -


Here's a review from Android Central -


Here are the specs (the ONLY thumbs down is the 5 megapixel camera - everything else is compatible to the S3 or is better in my opnion] -

Network: Metro PCS
• OS: Android 4.0
• CPU: 1.2-GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4
• Screen: 4.5-inch 960x540 TFT LCD
• RAM: 1GB
• Storage: 4.3GB + up to 64GB microSD
• Camera: 5MP rear / 1.3MP front
• Battery: 2150 mAh Li-Ion
• Price: $200

If you're looking to go No Contract & can't afford what MetroPCS (or Cricket) want for the Samsung Galaxy S3? If you don't want the S2 from BoostMobile (or VirginMobile)? If you don't want the HTC EVO 4G for VirginMobile (or BoostMobile)? I think this Android Smart Phone offers one of the best deals on an Ice Cream Sandwich ready on a 4.5 inch screen with a dual core CPU that's 4G LTE (yes there's bloatware to remove and or shut off unless you decide to root this device)


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CJ Brown
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Apr 13, 2013, 12:56:43 AM via Website

ANDROID FORUMS published an informative "Root Guide" for the LG SPIRIT 4G -


The most informative posts (in my opinion) so far:

1) How to root your LG Spirit 4G ( courtesy of Bliss @ Android Forums)

a) Ensure you have the latest Drivers for the LG Spirit 4G
b) Enable USB Debugging (located in Developer Options)
c) Set USB Connection to Charge Only
d) Download Files here - http://vulnfactory.org/public/spirited_away.zip
e) Extract the Zip File ("PLEASE extract zip to C: root directory on computer" )
f) Run the Batch Script named run.bat (you find it as just run. )

Here's a video from pavy415 showing you step-by-step instructions


to be continued -

CJ Brown
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Apr 13, 2013, 1:08:49 AM via Website

2) Unbricking Unroot Return Stock LG Spirit 4G

a) Stuff to Download

Download Firmware: LG Spirit 4G Official Firmware MS87010a = http://androidforums.com/spirit-4g-metro-pcs-all-things-root/682560-lg-spirit-4g-official-firmware-ms87010a.html

Download Drivers: MS870 3.8.1 Drivers = https://www.box.com/shared/32c5t7fj2w8xcwr0krjo

Download KDZ: KDZ_FW_UPD_EN.zip = https://www.box.com/shared/w4cqu869iylpdki9k9il

b) Getting into Emergency Mode (Download Mode)

From powered off,
Hold volume up and down and plug in USB.
(To get out of e-mode, hold power button for 10 seconds, or pull battery.) DO NOT DO WHILE FLASHING

c) Instructions

Install phone drivers
Install msxml.msi
Disable antivirus software
Open UpTestEX_mod2_marwin.exe
Wait for the program to open
Look for "Encrypt cab file to kdz file"
Click the folder icon
Choose the location of the cab you downloaded for MS870 firmware
Encrypt cab -> kdz Program will freeze up. DO NOT EXIT until program shows the location of the new file!!! Otherwise it won't finish converting.
Close program
Open KDZ_FW_UPD.exe
"Type" choose CDMA
Choose in "Phonemode": Emergency
Click the folder icon and choose the kdz file that UpTestEX_mod2_marwin.exe just made.
Click Launch software update and enjoy!

d) Important

If you are stuck in a bootloop after this, from powered off:
Hold Volume Down+Power and press Power. You will lose all data not stored on SD card.

to be continued

CJ Brown
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Apr 13, 2013, 1:20:31 AM via Website

3) SPIRIT 4G LTE Tips and Tricks

Want to know how to screen shot?
Or maybe customize your lock screen?
MurphysCellRepair answers these question's and a handful of other's!
Check out the video links below:

LG Spirit 4G How to Use Quick Memo Metro pcs


LG Spirit 4G How to Take a Screen Shot Metro pcs


LG Spirit 4G How to Customize Your Home Screen Metro pcs


LG Spirit 4G Wise Screen Metro pcs


to be continued

CJ Brown
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Apr 13, 2013, 1:44:19 AM via Website

Although the LG Spirit 4G is only equipped with a 5MP rear facing camera, along with 1.3 MP front facing camera, I'm actually taking better pictures with it compared to the 8MP rear facing camera on the HTC Droid Incredible (1.3MP to 1.5MP is about your standard front facing camera for No Contract Smart Phones & they work just as fine as a 2MP in my opinion). I'm even shooting 1080 High Def Videos with the Camcorder ...

Check out the video's below for a full review of the feature's and quality of the LG Spirit 4G's Camera and Camcorder courtesy of MurphysCellRepair:

Panorama Mode


Continuous Shot


Cheese Shutter


Video Wiz How To (Video Wiz is movie making software that come's with LG Android Smartphones. You can make slide shows, add transitions, add music - even trim and edit videos)


to be continued

CJ Brown
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Apr 13, 2013, 2:04:58 AM via Website

LG Spirit 4G Battery Tip's and Trick's

Out of the box, my LG Spirit 4G LTE was lasting about 10 hours before having to plug it in. Using these tip's (from MurphysCellRepair) my LG Spirit 4G LTE now last's me about 18 hours (quite an improvement!). Please read below and watch the video link to learn how to get the most out of your Android Smart Phone's Battery:

1) Make sure any transmitter's you don't use are turned off (Bluetooth, WIFI, and GPS)

2) When there is an open WIFI signal? Make sure to use it (using WIFI actually uses less battery power then a 4G Network)

3) Make sure your Display is not set to Auto Brightness. (from the home screen, press menu->settings->display->brightness, then adjust the brightness as low as you can tolerate)

4) Turn off any Sync's that you don't use (from the home screen press menu->settings->accounts->sync, then select account and uncheck the boxes next to anything you don't want to sync)

5) Don't waste your time with any app that claims to save battery life, or expands the length of a battery's charge (you might as well turn on Airplane Mode when not using your Android Smart Phone)


to be continued

CJ Brown
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Apr 13, 2013, 5:18:08 AM via Website

LG Spirit 4G LTE Screen Shot Feature's and How to use Them (courtesy of MurphysCellRepair)

There are several ways of taking a Screen Shot on the LG Spirit 4G LTE (sold by MetroPcs). The first is Quick Memo (an app available on LG Smartphones). To use this app, drag down the Notification Bar when looking at what you would like to screen shot , then press Quick Memo. You can make any note's you want, then click on the Icon in the top right hand corner of the screen (it looks like an old 3.5 floppy disk). The Image you made will be stored into your Gallery (please watch the videos in the link below for demonstrations on "how to use quick memo" in different ways) ....

LG SPIRIT 4G How To Use Quick Memo (1st Method)


LG SPIRIT 4G How To Use Quick Memo (2nd Method)


to be continued

CJ Brown
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Apr 13, 2013, 5:48:09 AM via Website

LG Spirit 4G VS Samsung Galaxy S3

(both are the best No Contract Android Smart Phones available @ MetroPcs)

Reviews and Comparing done by MurphysCellRepair and TechSpecialist@ metrophonerepair.com

Here are the LG Spirit 4G and Samsung Galaxy S3 going head to head in a benchmark test. The 1st Video is the app Quadrant Standard (which is available for free @ the Google Play Store). The 2nd Video is Antutu Benchmark (the LG costs less then the Samsung, but works just as good - if not - often better in some capabilities) ....

LG Spirit 4G VS Samsung Galaxy S3 Quadrant Standard


LG Spirit 4g VS Samsung Galaxy S3 Antutu Benchmark


LG Spirit 4g VS Samsung Galaxy S3 - head to head / side by side


LG Spirit 4g VS Samsung Galaxy S3 - Benchmarks


to be continued