RE: I was looking for a Note taking app for my Galaxy Tab 10.1 when I ran across a very unique app called Handy Note

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Jan 5, 2013, 8:39:03 PM via App

I was looking for a Note taking app for my Galaxy Tab 10.1 when I ran across a very unique app called Handy Note. Not only does this app let me put as many notes as I want where ever I want (which makes a great Notebook), it also has a bunch of other great features that I am already exploring.

Handy Note allows you to make personalized notes and notebooks much like a sleek scrapbook, or day planner. It cames the closest to being a real visual journal of any I have tried. Considering the thought put into this at the start, I hope to see it get even better over time.

Beautiful aesthetically is the best on Android. Beautiful notes can be created. it`s perfect fit needs of Notes applications user, students, graphic journal writer, note taking apps maniac, inking app user, contractor, This app is also good for people who are looking for a fairly intuitive/easy to figure out handwriting apps for Android app. For people who are interested in sketchbook and notebook and freehand note taking, diary, to do list, scrap booking, or a mixture of all.

Writing with Samsung s pen on On Galaxy Tab 10.1 is fine with Handy Note and I also write with finger working perfectly. However, this app requires an interface improvements if the developer intends to catch more attention on Galaxy market. However, the price is very attractive and it is $0.99 in addition, I have been noticed that this app came with a couple of downloadable templates (ResPack) which are extra templates for Handy Note App,so it over-worth it :)

There are some highlights about this app including:
It is easy to blend words, illustrations, images, etc into natural paper-like pages and the result is something that is personal and familiar.
Ability to make different kinds of notes according to the templates, It does everything you can ask from a notepad app, enable you to draw, paint, handwriting, and type.
You can use it as a note book, task organizer, photo book, diary, on top of many other things.
Handwriting input allows you to write without stopping allowing me to concentrate on writing, not fidgeting with the app. There are many different ways to customize notebooks with different titles and covers.
you can watch this app at youtube or searching Handy Note or appbody in Google Play.

Peter Buscemi

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