Newbie - few questions :(

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Sep 24, 2012, 3:49:50 PM via Website


I'm new to Android Development but have an IT background. 17 years ago, started on Pascal and Decforms - on a VAX - for you younger folk - that's a main frame and not a Hoover :) Moved onto COBOL and progressed to DEC Alpha. Built some simple VB apps along the way. Had a bit of C back in College before all this but didn't use it in the working world.
About 3 years ago, got a chance to get into Java - got about 6 months of it and company made us all redundant :( Back in work since but doing Application Development - VBA Excel makes this seem complicated.

So, i wanted to get back into some development.

I've gone through some tutorials etc and read up on some APIs. However, i cannot seem to find how to do what i want to do.

I basically want to have an app that will provide me with an audit log of my phone's activity e.g. when i open mail, open texts, open a game. All along with a timestamp. Now,i was looking at LogCat - i thought simplest way was for an app to basically query the existing system log ? But, when i opened a few apps, i found some package names were the same as the "market name" but not all. So, was trying to find a way to get the "market name" of any apps opened with a time stamp.

I also was thinking if i could listen to the launcher somehow ? Obviously the log version would require less resources, as the log would be populated by the system and i'd just query it when the app needs to.

I apologise again if i am asking anything is obvious. The Java side of things is easier to get into than understanding the workings of Android ! But, i'm reading all the time and i'll eventually get up to speed :)


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Sep 24, 2012, 9:50:03 PM via Website

Hi Rob,

first of all, welcome.

I personally cannot answer your question, but I bet someone here on this great Forum can.. Have a look at the Dev section and try and post your questions to the right folks, (check out individuals with experience in your area of need).

I hope you get the answers to your questions soon. Have fun and keep at it.



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Sep 25, 2012, 2:35:15 PM via Website

Thanks for the welcome, Chris :)

I'll have a look and try get a more appropriate section

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Sep 28, 2012, 12:56:05 PM via Website

Hello Guys,

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