HTC One X Features and Release Date into the US Market

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May 11, 2012, 10:57:43 AM via Website

The HTC One X is set to be released into the US market soon and it appears that some observers are speculating on the release of a dual-core edition of the HTC device in the United States instead of the quad-core version that is available in other markets. The upcoming HTC One X of AT&T features screen display measuring a 4.7inches, 4G LTE support and the latest Android 4.0 OS.

However the HTC One X for the US market has attracted some speculations among industry watchers since it will use of a dual-core chip from Qualcomm(NASDAQ:QCOM) for the device instead of the quad-core chip from Nvidia. The quad-core version of the HTC One X is available in markets outside of the United States.

Although consumers may initially view the US version of the HTC One X as a downgrade from the international version of the device, some observers do not share the same view. The HTC One X that will be released in the US will use the Snapdragon S4 processor from Qualcomm. This processor will be used for both the AT&T and Sprint models although the Sprint version will be carrying a different name.

A device with four cores does not automatically mean that it is faster than a dual-core device since there are other factors to consider aside from the core count. These factors include the design of the processor and the software used for the device. Due to this the dual-core processor of the US version of the HTC One X may not be automatically slower than the quad-core version of the international version of the device.

The international version of the HTC One X has also attracted the attention of industry watchers since the device uses a processor produced by Nvidia.

The earlier smartphone offerings of HTC have used a Qualcomm chip and this recent change has been beneficial for Nvidia even as the HTC One X version offered in the US market only uses the Qualcomm chip.

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