AnrdoidAP for mini (model E10i)

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Oliver Devereux-Burden
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Oct 9, 2011, 12:30:04 AM via Website


i have been looking for custom ROMS for the X10 Mini (not the pro) that has the AndroidAP wireless hot spot thing on,

i put a ginger bread ROM on my phone, and it killed it (well it didnt have the buttons mapped) so after taking my phone physically apart i managed to reboot my phone and get to xrecovery and restore. then i put on "Proyo" which was a Froyo ROM for the x10 mini and the X8, how ever this didnt have the AndroidAP on it either, so once again i went back to good ol' 2.1

so the question is, are there any custom ROMS i can put onto my phone that have the AndroidAP on it?

p.s i currently use barnacle to connect to my laptop and advent vega, but i want to connect to my ps3 and dont want to buy easy tether pro :)

Oliver :)