I need help for my APAD.

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Nov 30, 2010, 6:01:22 AM via Website

Hello, I am new to this and just need some advise. I visited China last month with some friends and purchased some APads for my family. all the others are working fine except the one I kept for myself!. the battery drains very fast because I use it a lot. I put it to charge today and the unit and the cord got very hot. I unplugged it and it would not boot nor charge afterwards. I visited every computer repair shop here but nobody was willing to even give it a try. so I decided to open it myself and take it to a friend who could look at it, now the touch screen is broken, is there anything I can do? I am sure to go back to China next year but I can not wait that long. any suggestions? can I get a new screen? and can the battery overheating issues be sorted out?(i gather it was the battery that was over heating based on after i opened it and saw where the batteries were.

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Nov 30, 2010, 2:03:56 PM via Website

Well, getting a new screen might be possible, but you'd have to contact the manufacturers of the APad or the company that sold it to you, as I don't think you can jsut go to some store and buy a replacement touchscreen for your Apad. Have you tried getting in contact with the company you bought the Apad from? Also, what exactly happened to the battery? Is there visible damage to it?

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Nov 30, 2010, 3:36:39 PM via Website

Hi Doug,
Thanks for responding, I have tried to contact the company I purchased the Apad from, but no answer so far, they speak very little English so I doubt I will get any help from them. There is no visible sign of damage on the battery, but that was the area that got extremely hot whenever it gets plugged in.

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Dec 19, 2010, 11:34:32 AM via App

i bought a epad from hong kong and the cpu burnt out within a month and they wont do anything about it you can get a new screen off ebay

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Apr 26, 2011, 6:04:37 PM via Website


I just got my MID 7" aPad and was really happy to use it but when I turn the power button for on/off functions, the button got stucked and I could not lift it up or get it back to its normal position so now, what left here with me is a brand new tablet (still in plastic) but can't be turned on because of its annoying power button.

Please let me know how to open the unit? I can't find any screws at its back so I wanna ask how to fix it up.

I hope to hear from you ASAP.

Please help.



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Apr 26, 2012, 9:51:30 PM via Website

1. Firstly remove the screw hole covers that are located on the edge by pressing gently on each one with a tool. This should cause one side of the screw covers to raise up and then you can pick them out.

2. After removing all the covers, remove all the small screws.

3. Use a thin tool to push in between the black screen and the silver outer shell. Located at regular intervals along the inside of the case are snap in clips that hold the black screen part of the tablet together. If you push gently outward on the silver casing and you are near an internal clip, you will hear it pop out of position. Use some plastic tools to slowly move along the casing, popping each clip out until the black screen unit is free to be removed.

IMPORTANT! (Do not remove the screen until reading step 4 (be careful not to tear the cable connected to the screen; tearing this cable will void your warranty and destroy the touchscreen!)

4. Gently let the black screen out from the silver casing 2 inches. Observe two connecting cables. One is thicker and often covered in silver colored insulting tape. We will leave the silver cable connected. The smaller ribbon cable is copper colored. The smaller ribbon cable can be disconnected by operating the plastic clasp. Gently open the clasp by pushing each corner towards the length of cable. until both sides are raised and the copper colored thin ribbon slips easily out from the clasp.

Now your FT3 is open.

We clearly have warned everyone about tearing the Screen connector cable in this description. Opening the device to change battery or speaker is done so at the buyer's own risk. ChinaGrabber will not be held responsible for any additional physical damage done.