Palm OS Emulator?

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Mar 20, 2010, 10:49:38 PM via Website

I plan to get an Android phone when my current mobile plan runs out (most likely the Moto Droid). I have at least one "can't-live-without-it" app from my long line of Palm OS devices (Landware's Pocket Quicken) which I'd love to carry over to the Droid. Unfortunately, Landware does not have plans (at least right now) to port the product to Android. Does anyone know of a Palm OS Emulator which I could put on the Droid to allow me to run classic Palm apps? Barring that, anyone know of an Android version of Quicken? (Not just something which will simply import/export .QIF files but something which can form a full-blown conduit with Intuit's Quicken and which mimics most of the register-related functionality of desktop quicken).


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Mar 24, 2010, 1:40:39 PM via Website

The App [app]Loot[/app] with Addition [app]Loot Premium[/app] let you import QIF files, maybe thats what you need?

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Mar 24, 2010, 1:58:13 PM via Website

Dennis S.
The App [app]Loot[/app] with Addition [app]Loot Premium[/app] let you import QIF files, maybe thats what you need?
Thanks for your reply, Dennis. I had seen Loot Premium (and a couple of other QIF import/export apps) and it looks promising but haven't researched it in detail yet. I'm not sure if you use this app but do you know:
  1. If this is a one-way import or if I can actually use it to sync between Loot & Desktop Quicken?
  2. If it's an actual sync or just a dumb load (in other words, if an already-synced transaction changes on one of the devices, will it update on the other device or just create a duplicate entry)?
  3. How seamless is the import? Is there something like a Palm conduit that allows me to just sync Loot and Quicken or do I have to export to QIF, transfer the QIF to my PC and then import it in to Quicken?
I just found out that Intuit (Quicken) has, after 11 years, decided to terminate it's license with Landware (Pocket Quicken) so the emulator is no longer an option for me. (If there WERE a Palm Classic emulator for Android, I could theoretically run my current copy of PQ on the Droid but it has a device-specific unlock key and I don't know if Landware is legally allowed to generate a new key for me).
I haven't done any programming in years and I'm not sure I'm up for writing either an emulator or the expense-tracking app that I need but I have high hopes for the open-source nature of this platform and trust that, eventually, someone will step up to this (unless, of course, Loot already does what I need it to do...I'll have to check it out in more detail).

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Mar 24, 2010, 2:05:18 PM via Website


i do not use Quicken or Loot so i am sorry i cannot answer that. Just tried to find apps that import QIF files.


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