What is the best live streaming platform for a new streamer?

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Robert Smith
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Sep 15, 2023, 5:46:17 PM via Website

The best live streaming platform for a new streamer depends on several factors, such as the desired end goal, the types of content to be streamed, and of course the budget. Twitch is the go-to platform for streaming all types of content such Facebook video, Xbox and PlayStation gaming and more. It is both free to use and offers plenty of reasons to monetize through donations, subscriptions, sponsored ads, and affiliate links.

These features help maintain subscriptions, attract sponsors and build an engaged community. The downside compared to other platforms is Twitch’s 5545KB cap, although this can be solved with third-party encoders and setup such as OnTheFly. YouTube Live is another great platform for new streamers. Although it might seem counter-intuitive considering YouTube’s strong reputation as a video sharing platform, YouTube live draws hundreds of millions of viewers every day for both live streaming and archived content.

Such an enormous audience base, in addition to powerful app integration, YouTube extensive uploading tools, and the platform’s approach to overall viewership can provide a new streamer with a wide reach that would be difficult to achieve elsewhere.