Advice on App Concept and if it breaks any Policies

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Wissam Yamout
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Oct 30, 2022, 4:01:59 PM via Website

Hi. Need your suggestions.

Currently we are developing an app that requires Deposits and Withdrawals using Crypto and Paypal in order for users to support other users (content creators which is user generated content) on the app.

I am getting mixed advice from developers telling me my app will get rejected if we do this and we should use coins and stuff. Is that true?

What would be the best approach?

Any feedback is appreciated.

James Watson
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Nov 1, 2022, 9:26:21 AM via Website

First of all, I think you'd better review Google’s full list of content policies for apps.

If your app is subject to external regulation, e.g. financial services, you will need to comply with applicable local regulations and provide documentation. If your app includes user generated content, you will need to demonstrate you have adequate moderation policies and procedures in place to remove objectionable content.

Of course, perhaps the best approach is to manage to actually publish one of your these apps to the Google Play Store.

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