Guess what, guys.

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Onute Saulute
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Sep 1, 2022, 11:39:32 AM via Website

Well guys, did you miss me along for 3 years in 2019? Now it's September 1st, 2022 for me.

Okay, what happened to your old threads?

My old threads are not needed anymore, because I remembered what's happening here. I was sending bunch of threads in the past of 2018 when I was 12 with lots of grammatical errors, I was not learned about though. Now I'm back in 2022 and it's been changed into NextPit by website staff wherever AndroidPit was away from support to meet an blue triangular A, AndroidPit says goodbye and he needs to go elsewhere.

Today, I'm 16, I was mildly improved better. I've usually used AndroidPit as underage kid when I need to ask help for mods, but they didn't wanna help me then. They don't know what they do mean. I was being solved by my slaves, and I coincidentally solved by myself. I feel like this is Discord lounge over the chat.

What happened to you?

Drama. I was being dramatic at all the time towards Discord server, and later I decided to quit Discord but I failed quitting, because Internet is my life! Cause I wanted to meet new friends on my own Discord server, it has been risen over 450 members! This is what I can say, in the end of 2020, I got banned from GoCity Discord server, when I'm planned a problem, I decided to make a revenge by making a new official Discord server called "Wrapper Gold City". It has been grown up to 100 members for each month. In May 2022, I was overexcited because I literally wanted to be BFDI fan all the time, I never get tired of this show.

See you later until we see your replies, folks.image

Fabien Röhlinger
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Sep 1, 2022, 2:06:44 PM via Website

Hey, I do not really get the sense of your post. BTW: AndroidPIT has been just renamed to NextPit as we now have far more things to talk about.

Camila Rinaldi