I've published a new app and I'm looking for comments and feedback, it's name is RandomWalking (and I hope you love walking tourism)

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Aug 11, 2022, 1:11:05 PM via Website

Hi everyone!
Me and some friends have created RandomWalking, an app that guides you discovering the surroundings with just one simple suggestion: the direction in which to point your walk. The game is about not knowing a priori where you are going, so you can simply enjoy the walk, the view and the people around you.

You can use it everywhere, in the small town or in downtown Manhattan. The goal of RandomWalking is to be your universal guide, the most immediate and least invasive possible, to allow you to walk freely, with no constraints nor fixed routes, but at the same time not to risk missing the main attractions that can be reached nearby.

You can find RandomWalking on the PlayStore
(sorry but it is not possible for me to post direct links at the moment)

Do you like the idea (and the app) ?
Let me know what you think!
Thank you all

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Aug 11, 2022, 1:13:22 PM via Website

You can find some more information on