Alarm Manager and work manager are unable to show reminders correctly

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Feb 10, 2022, 9:15:18 AM via Website

Alarm Manager and work manager are unable to show reminders correctly
Issue with alarmManager and work manager
Reminders are missing randomanly and mutiple reminders are comming for particular session, we have used alarm manager and workmanager for populating the reminder.
we are developing a healthcare app where we need to populate the alarm notification at a specific time like in the morning, afternoon, evening, night.
case 1 : Missed Reminders when the app is in deep sleep mode or in the idle state we are not getting reminder on all version of andorid till android version R.
case 2 : Mulitple reminders are coming when the device is actice during that time we are facing multiple reminders.
For alarms we are using.
1. Room Database for storing the alarm time.
2. Alarm manager's setExactAndAllowWhileIdle() method we are using for setting the alarm.
3. Broadcast reciever for getting the pending intent and showing the alarm notification.
4. Workmanager we are using to set alarms in the background.
if anyone can help us out how can we populate alarm notification at particular time, doesn't matter if mobile is in deep state or idle.
we have gone through with mutilple solution for it but it seems to us nothing is working properly.

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