Image Masking

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Jibon Ahamed
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Oct 22, 2021, 12:11:00 AM via Website

Image Masking is a fundamental non-destructive technique as it does not directly make any adjustment to the picture/layer itself. We can use it to add or subtract parts of a layer. We can smooth mask and even change the opacity to create great results.!

Donning The Mask:-

Masks and selections: The power of the effect that is applied indiscriminately to all pixels is enormous, but think about the potential these effects have if we can apply them to some areas and not others, then we apply different effects to other areas. This is possible thanks to the duality of skins and selections.

Just as we use masks in real life to hide, show or protect parts of our face, we must also use them in Photoshop to give our images the same privileges. Like the selections, the masks define which parts of the image will be effects of our retouching and which will not. They also determine which parts of a level will be shown and which parts will remain hidden. Image masking is one of the best techniques for making complex selections, especially of natural or organic objects where there are no hard, straight edges.

Image masking is largely a mechanical process, but an element of subjectivity and judgment is still involved. Our staff are well trained and experienced in print production graphic design, so you can be sure they will make the right decision. One way to isolate an object from its background is to use alpha channels. Like masking, this method is based on pixels rather than vectors, but the technique used is different. Each digital color image contains three or four color channels; red, green, and blue or cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. When you isolate an image using alpha channels, an additional channel is created that contains the shape of the isolated object rather than a color. Alpha channels are often used to isolate highly detailed objects and are created using the color channel with the highest contrast. Like clipping paths, you can select an alpha channel in InDesign, Quark, or Photoshop.

If you want your images to be made by this method, you just need to add the instructions in the job description when you create a job on For the creation of alpha channels, will isolate your images using selections and contrasts in the color channels. We will need to upload moderate to high-resolution images from you for processing. We will provide processed images in TIF or PSD file format.

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