How to fix the problems with Waze updates for Android Auto?

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Dec 24, 2020, 5:37:43 AM via Website

1. Waze update bugs: Longer route than normal
Recently, especially if you use Waze regularly, you may have noticed that the app might not work correctly. This is due to their recent update, which prone you choose a route that is rather longer than usual.

This is triggered by Waze's latest update that takes into account restricted areas and roads. This feature is supposedly intended to help you avoid spots where number coding is available or where vehicles are not allowed at all.

*How to fix
Go to the settings of your Waze app, then 'drive preferences' and then 'vehicle details.' Enter your license plate under vehicle details to tell the app on which day you are coded.

However, this may not work all the time as there are still app users who have done so but are still routed to impractical paths.

Until the next update, others have instead set their type of vehicle from "private" to "taxi." In terms of travel time, this might give you the best route.

This fix is only temporary.

2. GPS Issues
There are times when Waze can't pinpoint your exact GPS location. You will see a message reading No GPS-Displaying approximate location when this happens. The Waze app doesn't even connect to the GPS in other situations.

*How to fix
+ Go to the settings on your device, select Security and Location, then Location.
+ Turn on "Use Location" if it isn't on
+ Proceed to permission at the App level and then toggle on the Waze app
+ Tap Advanced, then 'Google Location Accuracy', then turn on 'Improve Accuracy'

3. Waze has no GPS connection
There have been some situations where people who have upgraded to Android 11 are unable to link the Waze app to their GPS.  

Google has promised to correct this permanently. In the meantime, the company has released the Beta Build version of the app.

How to fix
+ Select 'Settings'
+ Go to 'Wireless and Network' then disable all connections
+ Change preferred network to 2G or 3G
+ Restart phone

Are there any other Waze problems that you have encountered before? Feel free to share below :D ;)

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