Samsung Galaxy Tab — Samsung galaxy tab S: Reboot loop with a charging twist

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Dec 12, 2020, 7:39:06 PM via Website

Hi, I have Samsung galaxy S table which has reboot loop problem. How ever it differs to other cases I have been able to found. When I connect it to charger the loops stops and the device don't restart anymore but it just charges the device while it been shut down. When I press the power button it will reboot itself back to shut down charging screen. When I unplug the charger and try to restart my device the reboot loop is back. Last thing I did was to restore factory settings, which didn't help. I'm thinking to replace the battery, as in many post faulty battery has been behind the reboot loop. Also I'm thinking could the charger plug be fault as it is a bit hard to plug in the charger. I would be very happy to hear if someone else has had the same problem and has he found a fix?

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