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Oct 10, 2020, 7:16:12 PM via Website

Throw Away Your Old Ones; This Dating App Is All That You Need!

We all love dating apps, especially after the post-lockdown scenario. We all were confined to our mundane lives, and the need for emotional and romantic closer was more in demand than ever. As consumers, we tend to look for a dating app that makes the experience memorable with its exciting features and optimal conversations and brings us closer to the person intimately.
The solitary confinement due to lockdown was hard to endure for all of us; social distancing was necessary to avoid the virus and contributed a lot in separating us from our friends and family and in our relationships from our partners. During this post-lockdown confinement, a sixteen-year-old girl from Israel, named Inbar Chacham, developed a new dating app by the name of LuckyMe with many intriguing features; she came up with new and exciting features that contribute to the richness of the new App. Let's take a closer look at the performance of the App!
App Layout is Elegantly Aesthetic
The first thing to notice about the App is that it's very eye catchy; the design is very luxurious and smooth and makes up for a great UI. The theme is inspired by royal casinos, which gives a great experience to both use and look at.
The Unique Casino Style Will Be Blowing Your Mind Away
The central theme of the App is casino inspired. The App has a luxurious feeling to it where you can meet and interact with people. The section has a spin feature which you can use to refresh and load new people. This feature is unique and exciting as it can be and saves you the time spent on swiping back and forth. It allows new possibilities and horizons in the world of dating!
The Exciting Chat Features are Perfectly Bombastic
LuckyMe has amazing chat features that allow for a smoother conversation. The main conversation feature about LuckyMe is its video chat feature, which allows for a more engaging and exciting conversation. The feature is also helpful to take your conversation to another level as you and your partner get more comfortable with one another and want a more intimate way to interact.
Comfortable User Experience
Another good thing about the app is that it doesn't get too complex to use; instead, it has a very easy to use a structure that provides the user an easy and concise way to interact with the people on the App. This helps you avoid getting stuck or frustrated in the App. The App has very easy to use concise features which are not hard to understand.
Woohoo!It's Totally Free!
One of the best and handy things about the App is that the App doesn't ask money from you to download and install, and it's free to use.
LuckyMe is Wonderful A Revolution in the Dating World!
To sum up, everything about this App is that with its exceptional, eye-catching design, new and exciting chat features, the casino-inspired UI theme with the spin feature, and its easy-to-use structure can revolutionize the dating world with its unique characteristics. So, what are you waiting for, download and install the App to experience the richness of the App first hand!
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