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Aug 30, 2020, 12:46:40 PM via Website

Hi guys,
I have to resolve one doubt:with your parents,friends... it doesn't matter but I'd like you to do a really quick test:you should see when a status whatsapp(videos or images which disappeaer after 24h)is confirmed as viewed by a user (or, in other words, when the owner of the status can see you among those who viewed it)?
A)If you simply switch to the Status screen (i.e. the screen that shows all the statuses of my contacts); (in this case being in the screen with all the statuses of my contacts automatically confirm them as viewed)
B) if you click on it ? (in this case switching in the screen does not automatically indicate that you have displayed the status of the contact, but you must click on it)

The status,as I said,is a video/image that disappear after 24h.
You should try this: ask a friend to publish a status.
Once he made it, you should enter whatsapp and simply switch to the status screen.
Then ask your friend to check if his status has been displayed by you in this way.
If not, then click on his status and then ask him again.
This way you can see if the status is confirmed as viewed if you simply switch on the status screen or if you have to click on it

I have already done this test on my own but I do not know if I did it correctly, so I ask for your support and just 2-3 confirmations.
I have been asking for answers for some time but without success, so I ask for your help.

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