How To Get Free VPN Account for OpenVPN in Android

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Jul 30, 2020, 11:45:13 AM via Website

How To Get Free VPN Account TCP or UDP Protocol - VPN or an extension of the Virtual Private Network is a network that allows you to access a server privately. Using a VPN Account can hide your real IP Address and replace it using the IP Address of the server you are using. In addition, using a Free VPN Account, you can open sites that are blocked by the government (positive internet) or that are blocked by internet providers.

To get a VPN account at this time is very easy. Because, many sites - sites that provide services to create VPN for free. However, not all of these sites are of high quality and have unlimited bandwidth. Well, yesterday after I wrote google found a VPN Account provider site that has excellent features and quality. The site is:


VPNUDP is a site that provides VPNs with TCP and UDP protocols in one site. So you can create VPNs with various protocols to suit your needs.

This site has quite a number of VPN servers. There are approximately 20 servers from various countries in the world. Among Singapore, Germany, Netherlands, Japan, Korea, United States, United Kingdom and others. The active period given is 30 days in full. The bandwidth provided is also unlimited so don't worry about it.

How to create a Free VPN Account from this site is also easy. You simply fill in your username and password then download Config VPN to use. Connect to the OpenVPN application or the like it has been successful.

In addition to providing VPN, this site also provides a Free SSH Account of very good quality. SSH Account at a glance is widely used to get free internet access by combining operator bugs and using the HTTP Injector application or KPN Tunnel Rev.

How To Connect :

  1. Create VPN Account in VPNudp
  2. Download [Config OpenVPN] matching with your IP Addres in server VPN which has been made.
  3. Download OpenVPN Application in Play Store
  4. Import Config, and enter username password has been create

So much information about how to get a free VPN account unlimited bandwidth, for the quality you can try it yourself.

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May 26, 2021, 11:47:14 AM via Website

Thanks for sharing this. But my only concern here is that free VPNs can be a disaster. I mean I came across scenarios where people faced IP leaks, and the provider did not hesitate to hand out data to law agencies. Also, when we talk about Korea, opting for freemium is a big no no. I recently read a news where a Kid who was studying at a Korean University was forced to flee to China on using and sharing VPN subscription with his friends. A free VPN can work in countries where the regulations are not very harsh. But then again they should not be used for purposes that can get you in trouble.