Whatsapp (root needed?) - delete old messages delete for everyone

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Apr 22, 2020, 7:22:45 AM via Website


I need help please and I am willing to donate $5 to the person who will find the solution to my problem. I'm sorry, in case talking about money is against this forum, but it would be just a mere donation!

I need to delete messages I sent, years ago, on whatsapp to some people and I need those messages to be deleted for everyone.

Messages are dated years 2017 - 2018, and I need them to be deleted for everyone, so that, those people cannot see anymore what I wrote.

I use android os.

If I try to delete those messages I only get the "delete for me" option, which is useless. I want the "delete for everyone" option to appear, so that those messages will be deleted on the other people's phones.

I use an old android os, 5 (i think), but in order to have a bigger screen I'm now using whatsapp on bluestacks.

Can anyone please help me?
Do i need to root android? Or in this case bluestacks ( i know how to do it) ?

I found a method on youtube but I dont understand if it works. Am I allowed to paste the link here, so I can show you guys?

Right now I'm sending messages to my second number to see if this method works, but the messages dated two days ago have not been deleted, the messages dated today have been , so I am confused.

The other problem is that whatsapp detects when i change the date and time and i travel to the past, so it is tricky.

Donation will happen via paypal probably.

Please find a way to solve my problem.
Ask me for more details if you need more information.
This is not a race and I am willing to split the donation, so please let's all cooperate with each other instead of competing.


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