Facing Two Factor Authentication Error

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Apr 15, 2020, 5:10:19 PM via Website


This is Jessica Ervin from Philadelphia,

I am running an online store in US, I have recently installed a two factor authentication feature for my customers, the main reason was to authenticate that the order which has been placed is valid, coming to the point now! some of my customers are facing issues of not getting the code in their phones, when they try to send the code generated by two factor authentication feature, it fails, when they try to attempt the code 3-4 times then they possibly get the code which is of no use of it's already already expired.

I am here to ask that how do i fix this issue because it's frustrating for my customers & result is miscommunication with my customers. Is there preferred method to fix this issue, I have found the two factor authentication plugins here (www.cloudways.com/blog/two-factor-authentication-plugins-wordpress/) i think these plugins would be best to overcome this issue.

Please suggest me any tutorial guide or any reference that i should follow.

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Jul 8, 2020, 2:05:39 AM via Website

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