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Mar 15, 2020, 11:09:18 AM via Website

BitCleaner is a storage cleaner app equipped with a collections of tools which are capable of identify and clear all the clutters, caches, duplicated and junk files located in your device. BitCleaner helps you to keep your device storage clean from junk files with ease!

BitCleaner is equipped with state-of-the-art storage cleaning algorithm which helps you manage storage spaces easily!
BitCleaner is built from scratch! It is highly optimized for low-end devices as well as high-end devices.

Storage Cleaner
Storage Cleaner helps free up device storage by clearing cache files, log files, obsolete folders and others junk files located in your device storage. Storage Cleaner is able to identify which file can be safely deleted.

Duplicate Cleaner
Duplicate Cleaner is able to locate duplicated files in device storage which taking a lot of storage space. With auto selection feature, you are able to scan and clear all duplicates with just a few click, without the need to verify each duplicate one by one.

App Cleaner
In some cases, few apps which are no longer be used may still be installed on device. App Cleaner finds rarely used apps that are still installed on your device, and then display in a list to help you identify which are needed to be uninstalled.


Download from Play Store:
App Website:
Github Docs:

Thanks for your support!
BitCleaner will keep on improving, stay tune to our future updates!
Feel free to email us if you have any inquires.

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