Best TV box under $50?

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Jan 26, 2020, 9:22:03 PM via Website

Hey guys, I'm looking for a pretty budget TV box under $50, I really don't need much from it but here are a few things that are very important for me:
Speed - I've had experience with super slow smart TV devices in the past, generally a cheap smart TV is simply pure sh*t.
So I don't really need anything that should be capable of gaming, I'll probably never use that, but I do want the TV box to operate fast.

Outer storage ability - Probably the most important thing for me is a device that will be able to hold up external storages(flash drive, SD card, HDD(?)). I believe I've seen some TV boxes that only support up to 64GB of SD card, I would really love to have the ability to use more than that so I won't have to mess with it too frequently.

Flexibility - I have a fair bit of knowledge about android devices, I don't like being limited, I know that most TV boxes come with root access, but that's very important for me to have the freedom to do whatever I wish in case I need it.

Things that aren't important for me:
My TV screen is 50 inch and only supports 1080P, I have no need for 4K/8K streaming whatsoever.
I probably won't use netflix with it, so 1080P/4K netflix support is not important.
I probably won't use the TV box for gaming at all, but could be a nice plus.
My usual internet speed is around 100MB, so 1000MB might not be necessary, it would be a nice to have on the way though.

So far I believe my best options are either the A95X F3 or X96 AIR with the A95X F3 looks a bit better to me. There's also the MAGICSEE N5 PLUS which looks ok, it also has the ability to connect an HDD which is fairly amazing, but the drawbacks are worse performance, no miracast and the price which is a bit higher.

I've also seen the new X96 max plus which looks really really good overall, but haven't seen much reviews of it yet, so I can't judge about that yet.

Anyway, would love you hear some recommendations, thanks! :)

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