e5 cruise too sensitive to my touch

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jim w
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Dec 14, 2019, 7:17:38 PM via Website

Hello, I recently upgraded from my old, trusty flip phone to the MOTO e5 Cruise and find it too sensitive. Yes, I am old and I make very few calls or texts but I do need the phone.

My issue is with the little squares that allow you to click and return a call to a recent caller. I am always calling someone without knowing it. If I try to scroll the contacts up I invariably initiate a call to one of them. I guess my old fingers are too fat but I would prefer to go to my contacts each time to make a call with a double tap so I know I am calling the correct person.

Is there a way to eliminate the screen with these recently called squares or make my contact list appear first when I click on “phone” to make a call?

If not is there a way to change single tap to double tap on those recent contacts so I don’t accidentally make a call?

Thank you for any suggestions.

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