Cant Access Data On Samsung S8 After Screen Damage

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Phil Kneen
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Jul 29, 2019, 5:20:54 PM via Website

I have a Samsung S8 with a cracked screen, I am trying to get the data off as its not worth repairing, the screen is best describe as green with bits of white showing, it has a pattern to put in to get unlocked, you can barely see the screen but I have managed to draw the pattern to get past unlock, the next thing that shows is a keyboard and a circle which starts at 0 and goes to 100, unfortunately cannot get past this as the screen visibility is poor, I have tried to get in by connecting a data cable, the folder "Samsung S8" shows on the laptop but it states that the is no data. I tried some software and I got a message stating "USB debugging needs to be switched on" problem is I need the screen on to get the USB debugging turned on and the screen is not clear enough to see what I have to do, is there a way this can be overcome?

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