RCA 7" android tablet locked with forgotten pin, and now what?

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Bernabe Echevarria
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Jul 4, 2019, 10:31:17 PM via Website

This's a sisters tablet that a grandson of her dropped and a corner of the screen broke, so there's a portion unreachable unless I flip the tablet 180°. That's the reason it was left aside untouched for ~ 2 years and the pin forgotten by all that used it.

Now I want to try to give it a se ond chance for some tasks but since can't start it properly I can't. Have searched for certain ways of resetting it but none work with it. The tablet is an RCA Proscan PLT7100G(K).

How many alternatives do I have and what are them? I ask this because factory resetting it should be the last one and somehow been able to recover the pin to unlock the tablet the first, but there might be other things that can be done not considered by me, yet...

Thanks in advanced for any help on this!

marco sarli
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Jul 12, 2019, 2:26:58 AM via Website

A factory reset is probably the fastest option. The data and apps are anyway inaccessible, in the present state, so you do not have anything to lose.Or put a wrong pin 5 times and you will see a forgotten pin message. Log in with your google credentials and reset the pin

James Watson
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Jul 12, 2019, 3:57:37 AM via Website

Try a factory reset, or contact a customer service center for professional help.
Good luck to you.

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